Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Audio Books

New Hampshire Downloadable Audio Books is brought to you by the Byron G Merrill Library. Explore the growing collection of audio books and use your library card to download audio books to your computer, transfer them to an MP3 player, or burn selected titles onto a CD for listening on the go. Available 24/7, now your library is always open!

The first time that you check out materials, you will be provided with instructions to download the software that you need. Stop in and we will help you get started.

The following new books were just added this past week.



The Beach House

Green, Jane

The Beach House

Patterson, James

Chasing Darkness

Crais, Robert

The Dead and the Gone

Pfeffer, Susan Beth

Echo Burning

Child, Lee


Burton, Fred

The Mysterious Affair at Styles

Christie, Agatha


Child, Lee


Pierce, Tamora

Without Fail

Child, Lee

YOU: The Owner's Manual Updated and Expanded Edition

Oz, Mehmet

At First Sight

Cannell, Stephen J.

City of Time

Mcnamee, Eoin

Death Angel

Howard, Linda

The Enemy

Child, Lee

Love Only Once

Lindsey, Johanna

The Monster of Florence

Preston, Douglas

Mostly Harmless

Adams, Douglas

On the Wings of Heroes

Peck, Richard

One Shot

Child, Lee

Silent Thunder

Johansen, Iris


Roberts, Nora

The Book of the Dead

Preston, Douglas

Illegal Action

Rimington, Stella

The Lion's Game

DeMille, Nelson

London Bridges

Patterson, James

The Magician

Scott, Michael

Moving Forward

Pelzer, Dave


Steel, Danielle

Tender Rebel

Lindsey, Johanna

The White Giraffe

John, Lauren St.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Thousand Days in Venice by Marlena de Blasi

Feeling blue because summer is here and there's almost no chance the dollar will rebound in time for trip to Italy?

Not to worry - The good news is that you can get lost in A Thousand Days in Venice, the true story of ms. de Blasi's leaving St Louis for Venice and an Italian bank manager!

He saw her across the Piazza San Marco and fell in love from afar. When he sees her again in a Venice cafĂ© a year later, he knows it is fate. He knows little English; and she, a divorced American chef, speaks only food-based Italian. Marlena thinks she is incapable of intimacy, that her heart has lost its capacity for romantic love. But within months of their first meeting, she has packed up her house in St. Louis to marry Fernando—"the stranger," as she calls him—and live in that achingly lovely city in which they met.

Vibrant but vaguely baffled by this bold move, Marlena is overwhelmed by the sheer foreignness of her new home, its rituals and customs. But there are delicious moments when Venice opens up its arms to Marlena. She cooks an American feast of Mississippi caviar, cornbread, and fried onions for the locals . . . and takes the tango she learned in the Poughkeepsie middle school gym to a candlelit trattorĂ­a near the Rialto Bridge. All the while, she and Fernando, two disparate souls, build an extraordinary life of passion and possibility.

Featuring Marlena's own incredible recipes, A Thousand Days in Venice is the enchanting true story of a woman who opens her heart—and falls in love with both a man and a city.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Broken Window by Jeffrey Deaver

Looking for a good summer read??? Bestselling master of suspense, Jeffrey Deaver, is back with a brand-new 'Lincoln Rhyme' thriller. Full of Deaver's trademark plot twists, The Broken Window, will put the partnership of Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs to the ultimate test. This is one you will not be able to put down.

Friday, July 4, 2008

It's Summer at the Byron G Merrill Library

Crikey, mates! It's summer vacation time and kangaroos, wallabies and didgeridoos will soon be showing up at libraries

throughout the State of New Hampshire.

"G'Day for Reading" is the Australian theme of this year's summer reading program sponsored by the Children's Librarians of New Hampshire.The Rumney Public Library's program is focused on children through the 5th grade.

Our celebration begins Tuesday, July 8 at 6 p.m. with a visit from “Just 2 (Me and You) Passing Thru”, a homegrown puppet company from Vermont who will take us on a tour through Australia with their unique brand of puppet theater. Whether you're curious to know what a bunyip is or just looking for some "koality entertainment," the library will be the place to be! Sure hope that you can join us!

So join us on our six-week Australian-themed journey of reading as we work to keep your kids connected with books and the library this summer vacation.

Studies have shown that children who read in the summer will have a great head-start when they return to school in the fall. By reading as few as four books this summer, your child can retain or sharpen skills learned over an entire school year!

For more information about our Summer Reading Program call 786-9520,

or just lob in some day! (that's "Stop by the library" for us Yanks.)