Thursday, April 26, 2012

New E-Book Titles Available

Monday, April 23, 2012New eBook Purchases for the NH Downloadable Books Program New eBooks Purchased on April 20, 2012 Title Author(s) 4th of July James Patterson, Maxine Paetro Adam Canfield of the Slash Michael Winerip American Sniper Chris Kyle, Scott Mcewen The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton Miranda Neville Another Jekyll, Another Hyde Daniel Nayeri, Dina Nayeri Barefoot Season Susan Mallery The Beginner's Goodbye Anne Tyler Billy Boyle James R. Benn Boston Jane Jennifer L. Holm Calico Joe John Grisham The Captain's Dog Roland Smith Coal Black Horse Robert Olmstead Confessions From an Arranged Marriage Miranda Neville The Cove Ron Rash The Darkest Whisper Gena Showalter Daughter of Joy Kathleen Morgan The Dead of Night John Marsden Defensive Wounds Lisa Black Delirium Lauren Oliver Dexter Is Delicious Jeff Lindsay The Doomsday Key James Rollins The Earth Moved Amy Stewart Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret Liz Kessler, Sarah Gibb Everneath Brodi Ashton Evidence of Murder Lisa Black Explosive Tales for Children Conn Iggulden Fifty Shades of Grey E L James The First Wave James R. Benn French Kids Eat Everything Karen Le Billon Gabe Lori Foster The Garden of Happy Endings Barbara O'Neal The Girl Who Was on Fire Leah Wilson The Good Liar Laura Caldwell A Great and Terrible Beauty Libba Bray The Great Cake Mystery Alexander Mccall Smith Heart of Darkness Gena Showalter, Maggie Shayne, Susan Krinard The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Douglas Adams Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire, Book 4 Francesca Simon, Tony Ross The House of Velvet and Glass Katherine Howe Ice Hunt James Rollins Imperfect Jim Abbott, Tim Brown Into the Dark Gena Showalter Island of the Lost Joan Druett Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer Megan McDonald, Peter H. Reynolds Lady of Light Kathleen Morgan Lady's Revenge Tracey Devlyn A Land More Kind Than Home Wiley Cash Land of Promise Michael Lind Last Romanov Dora Levy Mossanen Lessons After Dark Isabel Cooper Like No Other Lover Julie Anne Long Lost & Found with Bonus Excerpt Jacqueline Sheehan The Lucky One Nicholas Sparks More Like Her Liza Palmer Mr. Darcy Forever Victoria Connelly Murder in the Marais Cara Black Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis Cara Black The Mysterious Benedict Society Trenton Lee Stewart, Carson Ellis No Mark upon Her Deborah Crombie The Obsidian Blade Pete Hautman Paris in Love Eloisa James Perla Carolina De Robertis Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone Dene Low A Prayer for Owen Meany John Irving Pretty Crooked Elisa Ludwig Quiet Susan Cain A Reliable Wife Robert Goolrick Royal Assassin Robin Hobb Ruby Redfort Look Into My Eyes Lauren Child, Lauren Child Sacré Bleu Christopher Moore Sandstorm James Rollins The Secret of Everything Barbara O'Neal Sex at Dawn Christopher Ryan Shatter Me Tahereh Mafi The Shoemaker's Wife Adriana Trigiani The Singing Alison Croggon So Pretty It Hurts Kate White Supernaturally Kiersten White Swordspoint Ellen Kushner The Tattooed Girl Joyce Carol Oates Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus R. L. LaFevers, Yoko Tanaka Unnatural Selection Mara Hvistendahl Wanting What You Get Kathy Love Warrior Cardio Martin Rooney The Weight of Water Anita Shreve What the Butler Winked At Eric Horne Wild Cheryl Strayed Wrath of the Bloodeye Joseph Delaney The Wyverns' Treasure R. L. LaFevers, Kelly Murphy

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Librarian Tips & Tricks for the Kindle Fire The Kindle Fire is an entertainment tablet sold by Amazon for $200. The device can be used to watch movies, browse the web, play games, read eBooks, and more. Getting familiar with the Kindle Fire The Fire’s power button is located on the 1/2” wide bottom edge of the device. Press the button just long enough for the screen to light up. Unlock the screen by dragging the orange “arrow” from right to left directly across the screen. All of the device settings are accessed by tapping the small cog-looking symbol at the upper-right corner of the screen. A feather-light tap works best with the sensitive touch screen. Once finished with the settings, another light tap to the cog symbol will hide the settings menu. Turning on the Fire’s wireless Tap the small cog in the upper-right corner of the screen, tap “Wi-Fi” from the new menu. When the “On” is orange, the wireless is on. If the device has never been connected to the library’s wireless network, allow the device to scan for a network. Tap the desired network name to connect. If a password is required to join, you’ll be given a choice of encryption options and small text entry box. Tap the small cog to get out of the settings and wait for the wireless symbol to display in the upper-right corner of the screen. If there is a small “x” next to the wireless symbol, it means that the connection has been lost. Sometimes if the device has been idle for a while, the connection will be dropped. Visiting a website might make it reconnect to the wireless. The Kindle Fire’s Browser The Fire has a color web browser. The browser is opened by tapping the word “Web” on the upper-right corner of the home screen. Many websites are optimized for smaller, mobile screens. It is possible to set the Fire to always detect a mobile site or the desktop version of a website. Or it can be set to determine the best version for each site you visit. These settings are found within the web browser itself. Open the web browser >> Tap the small settings icon at the bottom-center of the screen (it looks like a small box with three horizontal lines) >> Tap the word “Settings” from the pop-up menu >> Scroll down the page of settings (by dragging your finger upwards) >> “Desktop or mobile view.” For our purposes, the Fire works best in the “Desktop: Optimize for desktop view.” See the following blog post for more instructions and screenshots: Using the Kindle Fire with NHDB The Kindle Fire is officially only compatible with the Kindle Books in our collection, but so long as it is possible to load the OverDrive Media Console mobile app to the device, it can also unofficially be used to read Adobe EPUB titles and directly download MP3 audiobooks. This tablet can be used to browse the NHDB site, check out a Kindle Book, Adobe EPUB eBook or an MP3 audiobook. This device cannot be used to download or play WMA audiobooks. Although it can do all of the above, it won’t work with all of these formats without a few tricks. Let’s work through what goes wrong: The NHDB collection isn’t available to browse on the Kindle Fire The patron is unable to browse the collection of Adobe EPUB eBooks, Kindle Books, or MP3 audiobooks. Perhaps the only format they see is the free collection of “Public Domain eBook Titles.” What’s the problem? The Fire’s web browser is picking up the mobile version of the site. This can be fixed by changing the browser settings to find the desktop versions of websites and force the browser to see the full desktop version of the site. View the complete instructions for changing the browser settings: Forcing through the desktop version of the site can be tricky on the Kindle Fire. It involves making very minor changes to the site’s URL on the very touchy touch screen.  Tap the NHDB logo on the screen. This will bring you to the home page where the URL is a little better to work with.  Tap the URL at the top of the page. This brings you to a new screen where the entire URL is highlighted in orange. While the whole URL is selected, if you accidentally tap the keyboard, the whole URL will disappear. If this happens, press “Cancel” to the right of the URL and get back to the live webpage. Tap the URL again to get back here.  Tap the URL in the screen once to deselect (or remove the orange highlighting from) the URL.  Find the [.../40/20/en...] in the URL. You’ll need to change the URL from 40/20 to 10/411. This won’t be the easiest thing to do. Use the small “guides” under the URL to select the numbers, delete the numbers, and type in the correct (10/411) numbers. If you make a mistake, press “cancel” and start over.  Press “Go” on the keyboard or the button to the right of the URL to force through the full site.  If you get an error message, check the wireless connectivity. You might have lost the internet connection. Tap the refresh icon (it looks like a circle made of two arrows) just to the right of the URL.  If you get a funky message “Invalid Page Request” on the screen, don’t panic. Tap the NHDB logo to get to a better screen.  Now the full desktop version of the site will display. Your patron will have access to all of the formats.  Note: The Fire cannot download and open Adobe EPUB eBooks without an additional application: The OverDrive Media Console. The Kindle Fire can never play WMA audiobooks. Update: It is also possible to clear the cache on the Kindle Fire. This will be an easier solution for most people than the instructions above.  Open the Web browser on the Kindle Fire.  Tap the small “Settings” box at the very bottom of the screen. (It looks like a square with three lines running through it.)  Tap “Settings” from the new menu that popped up.  Find the section on “Saved Data.”  Now, tap both “Clear all cookie data” and “Clear cache.”  Taking these steps might remove saved passwords! Webpage errors The Kindle Fire has some spotty internet connectivity and drops the signal at times. This can make browsing the site and checking out items problematic. If your patron gets an error when adding a title to their cart, reload the page or back up a page. Also remember to check “My Cart” for the item before assuming that it’s been lost. The title is probably in the cart. Logging into the Amazon account Once the Kindle Book is checked out, there is a “Get for Kindle” button on the NHDB screen (also found through My Account >> Currently Checked Out Items). Tapping that button opens a new browser tab directly to Amazon. The user must log into the same Amazon account used to authorize the Kindle Fire they are using. If the Amazon account is different, they won’t be sending the title to the correct device. They must know their Amazon account information. If necessary, recommend that they work from a desktop computer to try multiple passwords or reset their password. It would be frustrating to do all of that on the sensitive touch screen. The download button that appears after the successful wireless transfer A large and inviting “Download” button appears on the screen after the Kindle Book has been successfully transferred wirelessly to the Kindle Many people are compelled to start downloading the file to the Fire or computer (whichever they are using to checkout the Kindle Book at the time). This is not necessary. Instead they should be directed to visit the home screen of the Kindle Fire and tap on “Books.” The library loan isn’t loading to the Kindle Fire Sometimes the Kindle book loaned from the library takes a while to reach the device. You can speed up the download by syncing the Fire. Tap the cog in the upper-right corner of the screen >> Sync >> the library loan should start downloading immediately. If not, check for internet connection problems. The patron checked out a Penguin title that can only be transferred via USB cable to the Kindle Fire The Kindle Fire must be connected to a computer to transfer the Penguin title – but the Fire does not include a USB cable! The good news is that any computer can be used to make the transfer (no “mama computer” needed) and any UBS cable from another Kindle can be used. I’ve also heard that any micro USB cable will work for the transfer. Many phones use this type of cable; ask the patron to try using the cable that they use to charge their phone for the Kindle USB transfer. (Oftentimes the electric plug part of the cable disconnects to form a micro USB to USB cable.) Instruct your patron to log into their Amazon account and find the “Manage Your Kindle” page. Find the library loan from the list of title in their account, and from the “Actions” button, download the Kindle Book to the computer, preferably somewhere you can easily find the title again. (This is an important step! I like to save it to the desktop, since it makes the next step even easier.) If the file containing the Kindle Book keeps getting lost or automatically downloaded to an unknown location on the patron’s computer, your remote tech support can get frustrating very quickly! If the patron is using Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox, the download location can be easily changed! (The same cannot be said for earlier versions of Internet Explorer.) IE 9 Instructions: Firefox Instructions: Tools menu >> Options >> General tab >> Downloads >> Save files to… Chrome: Click the “Tools” button >> Options >> Under the hood >> Downloads >> Download Location Note: If the title isn’t listed in the “Manage Your Kindle” page yet, they might need to revisit the NHDB site >> My Account >> My Currently Checked Out Items >> “Get for Kindle” button and try downloading the title once again to their computer. Find the [title of the book].azw file on the computer. Plug in the Kindle Fire to the computer and, using Windows Explorer, find the “Downloads” folder in the Kindle Fire. Copy the .azw file and paste it into the Downloads folder. Safely disconnect the Kindle. See the following blog post for complete instructions and screenshots: The library loan appears on the Fire, but in filled with “blank” pages This is a new error to me. I have not encountered it personally, but another librarian reported it recently. Unfortunately, OverDrive’s tech support did not have an answer and directed the patron to contact Amazon’s tech support. Browsing through Amazon’s discussion forum, some people have had luck restoring the book by either deleting the title from their Fire and doing a hard reset of their device (hold down the power button until it restarts) and resending the book from the “Manage Your Kindle” page. And others have been successful by connecting the Kindle to their computer and deleting all of the content in the “Books” folder (not the Books folder itself). Note that all books would have to be resent to the device from the “Manage Your Kindle” page. The patron cannot return the Kindle Book The eBooks in our collection are returned differently depending on the format. The Kindle Books are always returned through the “Manage Your Kindle” page in the user’s Kindle/Amazon account. This can be found by logging into Amazon >> Your Account >> Digital Content >> Manage Your Kindle >> Find the library loan and place the mouse over (or tap on) the “Actions” button >> Return borrowed item. After the page reloads, the title is still in the account. To delete the title: Tap the “Actions” button >> Delete Title. For a screenshot of the “Manage Your Kindle” page, see: (Page 5) The eBook is not available in Kindle format Some of the eBooks in our collection are not immediately available in Kindle format. However, so long as Amazon allows apps from unknown sources to be installed on the Fire, the OverDrive Media Console app can be used to read the Adobe EPUB titles. It is necessary to follow all of the steps in the following blog post, including turning on a setting to allow the Fire to install apps from unknown sources, downloading and installing the OMC app, and finally viewing the full desktop version of the site to browse the EPUB titles. See the following blog post for complete instructions and screenshots: Watch for more updates in the NHDB blog!

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