Thursday, April 11, 2013

Next Week is National Library Week!

Next week, April 14 – 20th, the Byron G Merrill Library will join libraries nationwide in celebrating National Library Week, a time to highlight the value of libraries. Libraries today are more than repositories for books. We see our library as the heart of our community and we are deeply committed to serving the people of Rumney. Libraries are trusted places where everyone can gather to reconnect and reengage with each other to enrich and shape our community. We encourage residents of Rumney to celebrate National Library Week by stopping in at the Byron G Merrill Library, 10 Buffalo Road, looking at what we have to offer, and becoming a patron. We will be open Wednesday, April 17th, from 2 until 6, Thursday, April 18th, from 10 until 8, and Saturday, April 20th, from 10 until 1 so hope you will be able to come by. Thursday evening 6:30 - 8 is game night. You are welcome to join us for a game of cribbage or whatever else you might enjoy, a sweet, and a chance to visit with like-minded folk.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sweet Tooth (2012) by Ian McEwan

... "Sweet Tooth" is a new offering by award winning British author Ian McEwan who also wrote the award winning books "Atonement", "Amsterdam", and "The Child in Time". Serena Frome, the beautiful daughter of an Anglican bishop, has a brief affair with an older man during her final year at Cambridge, and finds herself being groomed for the intelligence service. The setting is London and the year is 1972, a time of economic disaster, terrorism and the Cold War. And thus begins a story of betrayal and intrigue, love and the invented self. As usual McEwan's prose is effortlessly seductive. And he does a good job too of describing London in the 1970s — with its economic woes, worries about I.R.A. bombings and uneasy assimilation of the countercultural changes of the ’60s. These aspects of “Sweet Tooth” keep the reader trucking on through the novel to its rather predictable conclusion.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

National Library Week is almost here!

April is a busy month here at the library with National Library Week taking place April 14th through 20th and we like to celebrate ‘our’ week. There is a lot happening as we complete our spring cleaning and do our final planning for making everyone’s visit to the library that week extra special. Our hours that week will be: Wednesday 2-6, Thursday 10-6, and Saturday 10-1. You are invited to stop by for a visit and check out all your library has to offer. You can also visit us on Facebook and join the conversation there. We look forward to seeing you!