Thursday, June 25, 2015

July is just around the corner and we have lots planned!!!

There’s lot happening at the Byron G. Merrill Library.... the main roof on our handicap access addition is complete and looks beautiful... the three individual rooftops line up so perfectly... looks like they have always been there! The electrical rough-in has been started as well as some of the interior masonry work. I am looking out the office window at the new entry way! In spite of five days of heavy rain, much progress has been made.
Our summer reading program, "Every Hero Has a Story" is beginning on Wednesday, July 1st at 3! You will not even want to come late as we gather for Superhero Camp. We encourage all kids in kindergarten through 5th grade to join us as we celebrate heroes of all kind this summer. If you have a school age child, please stop by, register for a library card, and take a look at the various things we have planned.
Children in grades 5 and up have started our Summer Scavenger Hunt... Children this age are invited to stop in, register, and enjoy some of our special activities.
We had great fun last Saturday as we celebrated Father’s Day... The Dads enjoyed donuts and a visit as the children fashioned beautiful King crowns for their Dads and made neat ‘How Much Do I Love You’ cards. It was a fun time for all of us.
Our next special Saturday event, A Lego Challenge, will take place on Saturday, July 11th, sometime between ten and noon. We are looking forward to ‘challenging’ our lego lovers so be sure to save this date.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

June at our Library...

The Byron G. Merrill Library is a hub of activity with lots of progress being made on the construction project. The walls are up and the window cutouts in place. The roof is framed and we can see piles of shingles nearby. We hear saws from time to time as the cuts are being made in the back wall for the lift and the new stairway. The children help me keep track of the daily changes. Former Library Trustee, Tom Wallace is keeping track of the project to see that everything runs smoothly. Please do be careful when you walk around to the back of the building to check things out since there is heavy equipment being used.
Congratulations to Rumney graduates at Russell Elementary School and Plymouth Regional High School. It is a pleasure to serve so many young people during their student years - from finding just the right book to read to helping with resources for school projects.
Now that school is over, make sure your summer plans include the summer reading program at the library! "Every Hero Has a Story" is an exciting theme which will help students continue their reading skills along with fun activities for all ages. If you have a school age child, please stop by, register for a library card, and take a look at the various things we have planned.
What do dads and donuts have in common? They will both be at the library on Saturday, June 20th. Bring your dad to the library for a special time together in honor of Father's Day the following day. There will fun, dad-related stories to read, a Father's Day craft and of course, donuts! You are welcome to bring in Dad anytime between 10 and 1.
Our open hours continue to be: Wed. 1:00-5:00pm, Thurs. 10:00am-5:00pm, and Saturdays 10:00am-1:00pm. Have you ‘liked’ us on FB??? Our email is