Friday, September 9, 2016

September Happenings...

What's cooler than cool? Having your own library card at Byron G Merrill Library, of course! Just a reminder that September is Library Sign-up Month across the country. We hope that you will stop in, see what we have to offer, and become a happy patron!
Just need to brag a bit about our young summer readers... 1st Place this year goes to Emmit Nossaman who checked out stacks of books throughout the summer. Emmit is able to ride his bicycle to the library so he was a frequent visitor. Julia Markey came in 2nd...Julia has been a busy reader throughout the year and was our 1st Place Winner last year. 3rd Place went to Finn Bellamy. Finn is just catching on to how much fun reading can be and found a lot of books to like here at the library. Congratulations to our three winners and to all who participated!
International Dot Day will be celebrated all day long on Thursday, September 15th with fun activities for all ages. Do stop in and see what it is all about. On Wednesday, September 21st at 3 we will be enjoying the very funny poems of Shel Silverstein and Rachel is making a very special cake! Lots happening... hope to see you!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Ranger Rick + Animal Olympics = A Good Time!

Thanks to the Plymouth Record for this wonderful article about our Ranger Rick Club. Contributor Donna Rhodes visited our library and then wrote this story. Thank you Donna!
Boys and girls at Rumney’s Byron G. Merrill Library had an “award winning” time last Thursday afternoon when they took part in Animal Olympics, an afternoon filled with competitive games, lots of nature education and most importantly of all, chocolate. Library Assistant Carla Demler, wife of N.H. Fish and Game Officer Jonathan Demler, began the Ranger Rick Club a few months ago to focus on outdoor fun, safety and education. More than a dozen children between the ages of three- and twelve-years-old have since signed up for the monthly club meetings that are highlighted by special guest presenters and entertaining activities.
Last week however, it was time to get down to some fun-filled competition between themselves and the natural world as Animal Olympics got underway. Demler presented the group with a number of amazing talents possessed by creatures great and small then challenged the children to try to match those skills. Starting off the day was an Emperor Penguin egg race. Each child was given a hardboiled egg that they had to carry between their feet, much like the world’s largest penguin would. They then had to pass it off to a partner who was then challenged to bring the egg back to the finish line without cracking it.
Next up was a foot race after Demler explained to the children that a cheetah was capable of running up to 120 mph. “We’re going to see who our cheetahs are today,” she said as she divided the group by age for two race heats. The next animal world trivia was focused on tongues and Demler asked who could guess which creature in the natural world had the longest tongue. After learning a chameleon held that distinction, she had them all stick out their own tongues to see who would win the title of being the Ranger Rick Club’s very own chameleon. They then moved on to see whose arms were as long as a gibbon and who could jump as high as a spittle bug. Other nature trivia they learned during the Animal Olympics was that the giraffe is the tallest land animal and the smallest is the microscopic Fairy Bug.
The most important thing however was that in the end all participants walked, hopped or raced away winners when they were presented with large, gold foil-covered chocolate medals. Seven-year-old Declan said he’s been a member of the Ranger Rick Club since it started this summer and joined because it just sounded like a lot of fun. Eleven-year-old Colin said he has learned a lot through the club and really enjoyed taking part in the Animal Olympics. “The chocolate medals were the best though,” he confessed with a grin.
Prior to the August meeting the children have had visits from Demler’s husband who taught them animal tracking skills, then they themselves got to be tracked at the next meeting. “Bob Mancini of N.H. Fish and Game brought in their Search and Rescue K9 Ruger last month. The kids got to take turns hiding outside then Ruger would go out and find them. They all had a great time,” said Demler.
Next month club members will learn about the all-important Hike Safe rules everyone should bear in mind when heading off into the great outdoors. Those interested in participating in the ranger Rick Club or other special programs offered by the staff of the Byron G. Merrill Library are asked to visit their Web site, drop by the library at 10 Buffalo Road in Rumney or contact them at 786-9250 for more information.