Thursday, June 20, 2019

Happenings - June 15 2019

What a joy it is to live in the town of Rumney where we, at the Byron G Merrill Library, receive so much support for our various programs. This past weekend was no exception as we hosted our 2nd Annual Family Fun Fest. Assistant Librarian, Rachel Anderson, hosted our gala event and was so pleased with the help we received.

Thank you to the set up and take down helpers: Katie Gausch, Emmit Nossaman, Wendy Hills, Armand Girouard, Steve Daniels, Stacie Winsor, Robin and David Goldstein. Thank you to Sheila O’Meara and her helpers for gathering plants and manning the area. New this year was a rummage sale run by Lorrie Eaton, Andrea Sutherland, and Deanna Lussier. Our local bakers, including Sheila from the Rumney General Store, filled our food table with the yummiest of goodies and thank you to Louise Randall for helping at the table. Lots of people cleared their shelves at home and donated all sorts of books which resulted in six very full tables! Pat Reynolds and Mary Barnes kept the tables neat and helped many folks with their selections. Our children’s librarian, Carla Demler, decorated the children’s tables with all sorts of goodies from our upcoming Summer Reading Program, A Universe of Stories. Jane Kelso set up a table with lots of fun art activities for the little ones and provided sidewalk chalk for our artists. Many folks enjoyed a close up of several antique cars belonging to Brad Eaton, Dean Gray, and Wayne Farnsworth. Whew! Without a doubt we have missed a few of you but am sure appreciative of everyone’s help. Just a reminder… our next book sale will take place on Old Home Day… just love moving books!

The Turbynes then headed south to Goffstown to attend their granddaughter’s high school graduation party… Perfect weather, lots of food and kids, and a good time was had by all. Catherine Grace Wentz will be attending the University of North Texas in Denton this coming fall where she will major in communication design. Her grandparents are looking forward to a few football games and her uncle and aunt are looking forward to her being in their neighborhood!

This morning TJ, Jordan, and Theo arrived to clean the window above the checkout desk… TJ vacuumed, removed the plexi, and vacuumed again. Jim and Will joined him to help wash the very dirty plexi. Good news is everything is back in place and looks great. We’re all set until next spring! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

The library will be open our regular hours the next few weeks and on June 26th we’re inviting our families to our back yard for a camp fire as we celebrate the start of our summer program. We’re hoping that it will be a good night for ‘early’ star gazing! Please keep checking back for exact dates and times of various upcoming events.

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